We find and build that luxury and comfort people look for in a home.

We devote ourselves with the passion we have in building custom homes, that are backed by the best quality and craftsmanship at the most reasonable price. We want our customers to find their forever home in a Rayer Home.


We design the optimal layout for your home which would suite your needs best. This may include time with the builders, engineers, and architect in order to develop the best design possible and fulfill the needs of our customers.
Your custom home will consist of decorative stone and brick as well as cement board siding. We hand pick real stone and incorporate that color with the brick and siding in order to find that eye-catching, eminent look we present in all of our custom houses.



There are many building codes rules to abide by, and this begins with the excavation work. Here at Rayer Home Builders, you don’t need to worry because we are experienced in scenarios such as this. Whether it is site clearing, demolition, layout design, grading, utilities, or storm water management, the list doesn’t end but we do it! We do our own excavation work, which enables us to have resources that make us stand out from the average builder.


Our outside designs and schemes compliment the surrounding gorgeous homes. We try and take a little bit from the surrounding homes so we don’t take away from that neighborhood feel. But we then infuse our own custom taste to enhance and complement the neighborhood with that signature appeal that Rayer Home Builders has been giving its homes for over 40 years now.
The ins of the house can consist of many features that gives you the comfort and luxury you are looking for. Every detail and scheme from the cabinetry to high ceilings, arched entryways, all the way to the minor exquisite accents incorporated throughout the house that will entice you.


Our Landscaping is what ignites the architecture. It feeds you the welcome home while pulling up to your new custom-built home. Our designs are thought out and executed with pristine planting and watering in order to have an adequate transition for the new homeowner. Our designs range in many types of different landscaping schemes. These include high maintenance or low maintenance designs, depending on the homeowners wishes. We also offer water irrigation systems to help keep your lawn healthy and green.



Each of our team members are knowledgeable and experienced in their field of work, as well as working alongside each other. This helps the building process move efficiently. Our project management is centered on staying ahead of the game. Scheduling and having adept management is key, as we are always planning ahead as far as possible in order to give our contractors the time needed to prepare, ensuring the building process keeps moving.